Improve the production efficiency of 120 concrete mixing plant

December 18, 2020

Every user wants to improve the production efficiency of the 120 concrete mixing plant. Under normal circumstances, the productivity will be around 100 cubic meters in one hour. However, we have made some changes to the design of the 120 concrete mixing plant, which can be easily improved. Improve the efficiency of the equipment.


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1. Sand and gravel materials are placed on the inclined belt. Most manufacturers only open the collection hopper to discharge the material on the inclined belt. When there is still material on the inclined belt of our 120 concrete mixing plant, we open the collection hopper a few seconds in advance and start unloading. It can save 6-8 seconds of unloading time;


2. The backstage aggregate adopts automatic sorting and unloading, without waiting for the weighing delay time of the weighing hopper, which can save 2-3 seconds;


3. The powder metering adopts convergence technology, which can save 1-2 seconds;

4. There is a water receiving hopper under the water weighing hopper, which can save 1-2 seconds of unloading time;


5. Admixtures are weighed and discharged first, so that the admixtures are fully soluble in water and can also improve the quality of concrete. The powder metering adopts independent metering, which can reduce the weighing and unloading time.


The production efficiency of our carefully designed 120 concrete mixing plant has been greatly improved, and it can be better used by customers.


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